iAmnot is:

Nathaniel  Watts  (voice, percussion, woodwind )

Kenny Gordon (guitar, vocals,  percussion) 

Evan Campanella (Bass, percussion, backing vocals)

Alec Miniero (war guitar )

Frank Giliberti (percussion, percusssion, percussion) 


iAmnot emerged from an orgy of creativity that goes on through a performance event held on Long Island, NY called the Muse Excchange. Band frontman, spoken word performer, author and vintage vinyl dealer Nathaniel Watts, calls that experience “the only worthwhile thing to be a part of in a land filled with stale, plastic, selfless, nasty, snippy drones.” The terrain gave tremendous inspiration for his now out of print book Everyday Writing: A Deconstrcution of the Human Hive. The Muse has given Watts a place to perform works from it. iAmnot is the result of that. 

Appearing at the Muse since 2013 led to fellow Musers and members of the band Labyrinth Soul, Kenny Gordon and Evan Campanella, often backing him on guitar and bass. Kenny also has a knack for coming up with catchy vocal lines to compliment Watts’ trademark beat style delivery. Then one day, thanks to a bad break up and feeling stranded on an island lacking intellect, Alec Miniero, who happens to have been personally trained by King Crimson guitar icon Robert Fripp, shows up to the Muse in late 2016. Alec plays war guitar, which is a standard six string guitar and six string bass all on one ultra wide neck. That combo leads to a backdrop of obscure sounds and way cool peddle effects. Throw in a slew of percussion instruments found at garage sales and flea markets, along with what seems like an endless rotation of people to play them and that’s iAmnot and their word music style.

iAmnot is a band that only came to be in January 2017, played its first gig that February and is set to release its first album February 2018. That album is called Love Has Left, which was produced by current percussionist Frank Giliberti through his company Mojo Sound NY. 

Recorded live in one take that finished in the early AM hours of Halloween 2017, Love Has Left shows the negative progression that the world has made from 50 years ago when there was something called the Summer of Love. It is a loose concept album encapsulating many of the thoughts and observations that Watts has written on the topic of love. They are interwoven with quotes from significant figures from yesteryear read by SUNY English professor and fellowe Muser Ed Luhrs. They are lines mostly used to represent what love is supposed to be. However, Love Has Left reveals Watts’ view of the modern experiences and what living through it is like, with tracks like “Love, Baby, Love” and “Search for Love. Show Forgiveness.” As with everything Watts does, this is a sociopolitical album. This is not an album for people who want fun, silly songs to distract them from life itself. It’s a reminder that you are alive and a part of this planet and society. 

iAmnot plays out often in Manhattan and is about to begin a PR campaign to get attention to Love Has Left, which is set for official release on February 14, 2018. For booking, email booking at wattsiswhat.com